Dear Vermont birders,

The VT Bird Records Committee is trying a different approach this year  
with the review of Rare Species Documentation reports (RSDs).  This  
year, we are trying an electronic voting approach, with two votes per  
year, in addition to our standard formal meeting in the fall.  In the  
electronic votes, we are voting on some of the "easy accepts," those  
RSDs with photos or other compelling evidence.  For first state  
records or those that require a little more discussion, we will  
address those in our fall meeting.
With our first electronic vote, the committee accepted the following reports:

Lesser Black-backed Gull: November 2010 - Burlington; Ted Murin and  
Craig Provost
Magnolia Warbler: November 2010 - Montpelier; Chip Darmstadt
Varied Thrush: December 2010 - Bolton; Craig Provost, Patricia Folsom,  
Don and June Kenney
Baltimore Oriole: December 2010 - Waitsfield; Patricia Folsom
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker: December 2010 - Brandon; Sue Wetmore
Sandhill Crane: January 2011 - Ferrisburgh; Mike Palombo
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker: February 2011 - Pownal; Bonita Dundas
White Crowned Sparrow: February 2011 - Addison; Craig Provost
Pine Warbler: February 2011 - Putney; David Moon
Lesser Black-backed Gull - April 2011 - Charlotte; Ted Murin
Red Knot - May 2011 - Ferrisburgh; Jim Mead
American White Pelican: May 2011 - Killington; Susan Elliot
Sedge Wren (nesting): June 2011 - South Burlington; Ted Murin

Thank for all the great write-ups!  Although these records are now  
officially accepted, we will continue to write only a single full  
committee report per year.

For information on what species should be documented with a "rare  
species documentation form":

For an updated version of the Vermont field card:

For a copy of the rare species documentation form:  (link under item #2)

Good birding to all!
The VT Bird Records Committee -
George Clark
Hector Galbraith
Kent McFarland
Dick Lavallee
Judy Peterson
Chris Rimmer
Ruth Stewart
Allan Strong
John Sutton
Sue Wetmore