Middle of the day (1-2:30pm), middle of the heat (did it get to 90F?), middle of the mudflat; this is what I saw today at Dead Creek:

1 Short-billed Dowitcher-breeding plumage
9 least sandpipers - breeding plumage
1 lesser yellowlegs - breeding plumage
2 greater yellowlegs  - in flight
3 spotted sandpipers - 2 juvs, 1 adult
8 killdeer

All actively foraging the whole time, in the heat.  The breeze kept me comfortable and most of the horse flies at bay. 

The mudflat is located along the access road into Brilyea WMA.

Also great looks at a family of Eastern Kingbirds in a nearby tree.  2 Adults feeding 3 fledged young all perched side by side.

FYI.  I spoke with a VT Dept of Fish and Wildlife employee who stopped by while I was scoping the shorebirds.  He reported, sounding like a proud parent, that Dead Creek had its first successful Bald Eagle nest this year.  (not hacked, or from hacked birds)

He also said he was unsure what they were going to do about draw downs this year.  In fact the appearance of this mudflat (with the shorebirds), had surprised them.  They went and checked all their dams, thinking there must be a leak somewhere.  But all were sound.  

Liz Lackey