In short: 4 or 5 Merlins in Montpelier yesterday.

I watched a family of Merlins for about a half an hour yesterday about 2:00PM in the "Capital West District" in Montpelier.  I was alerted by a food begging call and then watched food exchanges and a lot of flying about.  It was hard to keep track but there appeared to be 4 -6 of them.  Wonderful to find them in my own backyard after hearing about them in Proctor and South Burlington (ironically my ancestral home and first adult home respectively!).

It is certainly great for us to have these beautiful falcons so accessible now that they seem to be using more and more urban environments to raise families.

I have not heard them since otherwise I would direct you to my house.  It might be worth hanging out in the parking lot of the Redstone building (which is now unoccupied) at the peak of the first long hill on Terrace Street.  I suspect they might have nested in that forest surrounding the building or to the West.

Jeffrey Allen