It's going to be interesting to see if any and how many customers McGraw 
stands to lose with this kind of budgetary arm twisting.

Tone Mendoza
Reference Librarian
Calvin T. Ryan Library
University of Nebraska - Kearney
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Social Security: Pay more to protect more--from Congressional sticky 
McGraw: Selling you what you don't want--a bit like Congress.
The desire for money has cost us everything.

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Date:   07/26/2011 02:00 PM
Subject:        E-book trend?
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Colleagues -
Lately I'm frequently noticing that e-books once available through an 
aggregator (StatRef!, R2, OVID) are no longer available. Publishers (for 
example, McGraw Hill) now require e-books be purchased directly through 
them, and most often, as part of a package that is too costly for our 
budget, and includes unwanted items we would never consider for our 
collection. Being in a bind such as this, we are forced to reconsider 
going back to the print format for some of the books we previously 
received electronically. 
I'm wondering if others are also facing this problem. If so, what are you 
doing about it, and is this a trend to revert to print?
Thanks, will summarize if there are responses. 
Janet Cowen, MSLS, AHIP | Director of Library Services | Maine Medical 
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