Sprague, Gwen E writes

> I use Dreamweaver now but when I took Advanced Web Design in my MLS
> program

  I run MLS courses in web design, see

  My lecture material and examples are freely available.

> our instructor made us use a text editor 

  Requiring students to use a certain tool over another is not my
  policy. I tell students to use whatever they want but the result has
  to be XHTML 1.0 strict. That implies the use of CSS as a styling
  language. I spend more time on CSS than on HTML. For students on
  Microsoft computers I mention HTML-Kit.

  It's a freeware, but not open source. I can't recommend it since I
  don't use it myself. But generally, a software that does some syntax
  highlighting is helpful. It's especially good for beginners and for
  folks like me who suffer from dyslexia. 

> When Dreamweaver or SharePoint (our intranet) won't do what I want
> it to I go into the code and make it by doing my own HTML. Good to
> know the basics!

  I fully agree.


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