I agree with the respondent who talked about the importance of pointing 
the adult student back at her/his college library when necessary. Not 
only does the college library itself need to justify its existence with 
usage statistics, and need to predict future usage by looking at 
patterns of lending and borrowing, but it also educates the student 
about library resources. As part of my research I have done a lot of 
interviewing of public library workers in Wisconsin and outside 
Wisconsin over the past 5 years, and I was initially very surprised to 
hear from reference librarians in very large public libraries that they 
have a lot of requests from the general public for nursing and allied 
health literature. Turns out that this segment of the "general public" 
is actually students in community and vocational and technical colleges 
and distance programs who need material for a course. The reference 
librarians and I talked about this and couldn't decide whether this 
reflected (1) badly resourced community/vocational/technical college 
libraries (2) badly promoted resourced community/vocational/technical 
college libraries or (3) both of the above. ...

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