I agree with Mark,

Although Dreamweaver can be excellent I've encountered multiple strange 'bugs' using it (this was before I knew more about how html and Css work) and found trying to then get those things to work was a lengthy and frustrating process.  Dreamweaver can be wonderful but I would recommend starting off with a simple text editor and learning basic html and CSS.

An absolutely wonderful books it Sitepoint's Build Your Own Website the Right Way


I also second the W3Schools!

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I second the previous suggestion to check out W3 Schools, but I also
like using Tizag as well -

Sites aren't usually written in just HTML alone, so I would suggest at
least picking up some CSS while you're at it.  It's a much more
elegant way to format your pages, and provides a simple way to keep
content and formatting separate.  Look into it!

As far as an editor, I strongly advise against something proprietary
as Dreamweaver.  I am also not a fan of using a simple Text Editor,
such as Notepad, either.  I currently use Microsoft Visual Web
Developer 2010 Express Edition
 The 'Express Edition' is free, and I've found that using an IDE for
development provides you with nice tools that will help visualize what
you're doing.  Besides, as you become more comfortable with your
coding/development, you can create templates for pages you create,
cutting down on typing time.  I use this product because I'm employed
as a .NET developer, but I've also used it to develop other
open-source language applications as well - there are other great ones
out there, I just find myself coming back to this one most often (when
I'm coding on a PC - if you're coding on a Mac, I like Apple's XCode

Should you have any other questions or would like further explanation,
please do not hesitate to ask!


Mark A. Pernotto

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> Would any of you wonderful fellow librarians out there like to recommend
> the best way to learn (self-teach) HTML?  Preferably an inexpensive one?
> Is something like Dreamweaver the only way to go?  I am a complete
> beginner. Thanks,
> Jane
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