I'm pretty sure I created the recovery CD after my hard drive got corrupted by one of those update failures.

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On 20110812 13:57 , James, Pamela M wrote:
Have you tried the PGP recovery cd for macs?
Has anyone used this successfully after-the-fact? My reading is that the
recovery CD needs to be created before the disk is encrypted. I'd love
to know, otherwise.



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Subject: problem with Macbook Pro -- perhaps PGP?

I have a user's Macbook Pro with PGP that will not boot.  After 20 - 30 seconds of showing the apple, it shows a circle with a diagonal line through it.  I booted up with a 10.6.2 DVD hoping to run Disk Utility and check the disk, but on startup it says it can't install on the hard disk and gives two choices, Restart or Restore from Backup. 

This Mac has lots of user data files that need to be saved.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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