With all do respect I think the three of you are ignoring some key benefits of our current policies and procedures:
1) Savings to UVM - When I need office supplies do I really want to take 45 min out of my day at the end of the month to fill out chart strings, copy forms, etc.?  Of course not, so I will use my personal credit card and save UVM the $6.43 I spent on tape and pens.
2) Stimulus to the forest products sector - Sure, most receipts are already in electronic form, and in the end they get scanned anyway, but having us print them out in duplicate insures that each person with a PurCard uses, on average, 2.341334 lbs of paper a month.  Paper products are jobs that you simply cannot outsource.  (Actually you can, just don't' think about it too much).
3) Long term memory - It might be a lot more user friendly if for each expense you could select your chart string from a drop-down menu, but this is the easy way out.  Research has shown that the repetitive entry of long numbers of digits (preferably 50 or more, as we have in our chart strings) during the ages of 27-58  leads to significantly improved memory retention when that population reaches the age of 70.

So before you get frustrated filling out August's PurCard materials think about how PeopleSoft will help you remember where you put your car keys 30 years from now, how is is saving our university money, and how it is making our nation more financially secure.  Go USA!  Go PeopleSoft!

Now back to tracking down an itemized receipt from Chic-fil-A so I can get reimbursed for that $5.89 sandwich I bought on my last trip…..


On Aug 15, 2011, at 9:57 AM, Andrew Hendrickson wrote:

> Indeed, I do wonder why it is that I can spend $100k+ a year through the Depot with nothing other than my PS account and yet I have to have a $20.00 software purchase approved by the Dean?
> On Aug 15, 2011, at 9:29 AM, Roger Bombardier Jr. wrote:
>> Yes, glowing here too and wondering if 6 hours worth of Jarlath’s salary was worth cost savings gained by that interface versus another means. But alas that is for others to figure.
>> -r
>> On 8/15/2011 9:18 AM, Duke, Geoffrey wrote:
>>> The warm glow of bureaucratic compliance, priceless.  --Geoff
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>>> I spent the requisite 6 hours yesterday entering 52 digit chart strings for the $87.52 of purchases I made last month on my PurCard, but I have been unable to print my forms for signature (in duplicate of course).
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