I don't usually use this list to share new Google Apps features (since they
improve their products so often with requested features) -- BUT this one is
a GAME CHANGER and has been requested by almost ALL educators  I have worked
with in past Google Training so I thought I'd pass it on here.  (See below)

Also would love to pass on a Google Tools for Schools Interest Form for
educators who would like to receive notices of upcoming Google Trainings,
Courses, Webinars  or a copy of the upcoming Google Tools for Schools
Newsletter filled with tips and tricks of some of the new Google features
and what they mean for schools.   You can sign up
(or pass this on to your teachers, admins, etc)

Now back to Google's latest change to Google Sites!!!!

You can now change the permission settings on your Google Sites on a page
per page basis if you want.
It is NOT turned on by default. There are directions below on how to turn it
on for specific Google sites.

Why this is important?  You can now allow different people (i.e. students)
to edit only certain pages of your Google Site.  Or students using Google
sites for portfolios can create feedback pages.

Lucie deLaBruere

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