Lauren,  I'm not sure if this Picture will appear on this list as
attachments or not - if not email me and I'll send it separately.

Here is a model that has worked for a few years in our school using the
Google Sites.  As Elizabeth mentioned this is quite a flexible method. We
created a site with all committes listed and a new page for each committee
using the Announcement style page.  Each committee adds their minutes and
agenda as a New post.  By using Attachments you get rid of paper
You can use the search features of the "google site"  to quickly find any
pages that mentions a key search term.  You can even subscribe to specific
pages (by email)  or the (whole site).
Only problem with subscribing is that you get "every revision"  too.


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> Why don't you post them on a Google Site where people can access them
> instead of sharing in Docs.
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> Subject: sharing minutes
> Does anyone have a good way to share minutes from multiple group meetings
> with a larger, whole staff audience?  We'd like to have the minutes
> available to all, without clogging their Docs accounts, which is what we did
> this year.  For example, the minutes from the literacy committee, the tech
> committee, the math committee, etc, should be available to everyone, but
> sometimes it is too much information!   With the current set up, we'd all
> get minutes daily from every  group that met any where for almost any reason
> (not confidential meetings, of course).   We want to maintain an open
> environment, where it is possible to see minutes, but not overwhelm anyone's
> inbox.  How do you manage it?
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