I am a fan of 4yrs 50%.  Which means nothing in the school will be older
than 8 years.  This includes switches and infrastructure.  I like stating it
as 4 years 50% because it implies 2 generations of equipment.    This means
if you have a primary desktop lab then it should get replaces every 4 years,
then play the hand-me-down game to classrooms for the next 4 years of their

The only exception is 1:1 laptops/netbooks.   I have a 1:1 program and my
hope is that I can make them work for 4 years.  After that I don't care
where they go as long as I am not responsible for their maintenance.

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On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 11:40 AM, Melissa Hayden-Raley
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> Hi All -
> Do you have Replacement Cycles for computer & network equipment as part of
> your procedures?  If so, what are your target life spans for each type of
> equipment?
> I'm looking at ...
> 4 years for laptops & netbooks
> 6 years for desktops
> 5 years for servers
> 8 years for infrastructure (switches/routers/etc.)
> Thanks!
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