Steve wrote:
We found the tracking of signatures did not change behavior, and it was a b=
ureaucratic burden.
I don't think the signature tracking's the main point, although if, as John says, the school takes disciplinary action that gets legal.  Depends on the culture of the school and parents I reckon.

I think the act of reading, understanding, and agreeing is why the signing is done.  Unlike faculty (who sign a contract and are held accountable for professional standards) I don't think handing students a handbook does much.  I'm not convinced getting them to read a few pages and sign them does more, but that act can be referenced if they transgress.

I think every student, every year should begin the year with a refresher session on AUP (just as faculty are required (UGH!) to sit through Bloodborne Pathogens movies) - but the refresher session should come from their classroom teacher (or one of them) and be discussed within the shared context of their academic work. 

If that's done, then the signing can happen at the end of each class.  I am totally fine with the signing being digital, as Jon suggested with a Google Spreadsheet/Form.

 I wish Google Apps allowed for end users to configure AUP agreements the way Google does, but Google says all we can do is send messages with return receipt required, and have that message direct users to the form.  That's what I'm lobbying for this year.


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