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>One question parents and School Board members have asked:  Do we have
>software that we would recommend for parents who want to be able to
>manage/oversee what their kids do with the laptops at home?

All we have done is recommended that parents use OpenDNS on their home
routers.  But we can't block their students from connecting to the network
next door.  All that home software would do is create another password to
leak out pretty quickly and become useless.  Our board was okay with the
OpenDNS solution.  There is a line between where the school's
responsibility ends and where the parents' begins, and I think each
community needs to decide that for themselves.  In addtion, there is a
line of reassurance vs. technical burden; when does the gain in parents
feeling secure become too cumbersome for the technology department to
reasonably maintain?

Parents have the ability to opt-out of students taking their netbooks home
at night.  Because we have used only free software, students are able to
download the same apps onto a home computer that the parents can run their
own filtering software on.  Between this and OpenDNS, our Board was happy
to leave it at that.

Melissa Hayden-Raley
Information Technology
Milton Town School District
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