CIPA does not require monitoring only certification that filtering is in place.  I have attached the FCC Consumer Fact Sheet on CIPA.

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my guess is that if you are like most people and have the existing/old VTSBA model AUP (or near copy) it states somethig like 'students will be monitored at all times' and also, isnt it CIPA that requires it outright (maybe it was an option there) in either case.

youtube has been open here forever bc it has tremendous educational value.

litteraly things that cant be recreated at all or at outrageous cost in a classroom setting (playing with mecury and other exotic metals)

the comments are attrocious, some videos are too racy, and the remainder are likley banal, but since our students must be monitored at all times (AUP, CIPA) any misuse should be easy to spot.