I would put the minutes into a collection that is shared link only, then place that link on a google site.   This will give you the ease of just putting the minutes into a collection to share, but also allow people to see them easily without clogging their gdocs.

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Does anyone have a good way to share minutes from multiple group meetings with a larger, whole staff audience?  We'd like to have the minutes available to all, without clogging their Docs accounts, which is what we did this year.  For example, the minutes from the literacy committee, the tech committee, the math committee, etc, should be available to everyone, but sometimes it is too much information!   With the current set up, we'd all get minutes daily from every  group that met any where for almost any reason (not confidential meetings, of course).   We want to maintain an open environment, where it is possible to see minutes, but not overwhelm anyone's inbox.  How do you manage it?

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