Now that we are in the 21st century I think it is time to radically alter the way we use technology to educate people. I feel that each student should start to build a knowledge base that can be queried instead of using high stakes tests. I feel the knowledge base that you would build throughout your school years would follow you throughout life. You could grant access to your knowledge base to a perspective employer. 

In school assignments, papers, etc would be forms for entering data into the knowledge base of the student. In high school students would polish their knowledge base for further study or employment.

At the end of life your knowledge base would be closed but accessible to certain people. I decided that even though my father has passed away it would be nice to be able to query hos knowledge base to see what he might have thought about certain questions I have. Obviously it wouldn't be him really but it might represent a semblance of his thinking.

I think a good place to start building these knowledge bases is in our schools.

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