Very Interesting study, but I always need to take a step back and play devils advocate in these situations. Consider look at the study this way, the two groups identified are those who are  willing to attempt to break rules or social norms and expectations, and those who are don't or are to scared to do so. Social media still carry's a large stigma with it, along with our youth using it.

Do not confuse my above statements as discrediting the surveys findings. I also belive "monkey see monkey do"... but I rather blame the content associated with this behavior.

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At first glance, I dismissed this 2011 Addiction Study from Columbia University which states: " Teens using social media are more likely to use drugs, drink, and smoke, because they see it online."  After reading through the study...."monkey see monkey do" .... this might be information that we should take into consideration.  Below are some statements from the study.  Read the full study at Food for thought.

Compared to teens who in a typical day do not 
spend any time on a social networking site, those 
who do are: 

* Five times likelier to use tobacco (10 
percent vs. two percent). 
* Three times likelier to use alcohol (26 
percent vs. nine percent). 
* Twice as likely to use marijuana (13 percent 
vs. seven percent). 

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