Thank you, that will be very helpful.

 - Josh

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Yes, this is what was discussed, but this not the new AUP that VTVSBA was
going to post by July 4th.   It is still in a process unfortunately.  I
was away for a bit on vacation but  I will do some inquiry today on this
as it is really an opportune time to move us to the new guidelines.   Stay
tuned, I hope to have something to report this week or next.


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ACSU is moving to a format for AUP where all students and staff sign the

1.  Recently there were some posts that VSBA was working on
recommendations for AUPs and was going to post them by July 4th.

Is this what was being discussed?


2.  Would you be willing to share the form that you are using within your


- Josh Blumberg


Director of Information Technology Services ACSU

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