Attached is the anti-pesticide spraying flyer. After negotiating some 
with the printer, I wisely doubled the print-run and leafletted the 
concert-goers at Prospect Park from 6:30 to 8:10 pm. Went into the 
concert area and flyered everyone already there, and then worked my 
way back up the line to the outside. Got a very good response, a few 
long and excellent talks, no hostility whatsoever. People were 
stunned that the City'd be spraying the concert area later tonight 
and tomorrow's concert crowd won't know they're sitting in 
pesticides! Gave out around 1,000 flyers.

Then I took the subway and 2 buses over to the Arab Muslim American 
Federation Ramadan Welcome Dinner in Dyker Heights. Free food, good 
vibes, and loads of politicians courting the Islamic vote (and saying 
nothing). Spoke with quite a few politicians and handed them flyers, 
and gave out around 80 more at the door to the crowd. (I ran after 
NYC Comptroller John Liu, but unfortunately didn't get to him in 
time.) I sat at a table by chance next to a rabbi from Ditmas Park. 
And, an Imam from Northern Manhattan who spoke at the event took a 
flyer and said how very important this is, great information(!) -- so 
everyone around him took flyers as well. As did the load of police 
brass that were there, and military personnel.

Then I hopped on two buses, got home (exhausted -- I've been doing 
this with little sleep for a few days), scrubbed my hands from the 
politician grease.

I'm sending this flyer (attached) as PDF, so you can print it 
yourself, cut'm in half and hand them out everywhere, wherever you 
go, could be a little at a time .... If we all do this, even if just 
a few, it will start to resonate, spark the idea. The Giuliani 
graphic is a painting by Robert Lederman, who's put out the call to 
artists for next week's event and we should leaflet that crowd with 
these. They'll see Robert's name and it'd be a big plus for us, right 
Robert? :-)

Yes, there are a zillion things missing from this flyer, but I 
couldn't fit them while keeping the type size readable.

No one got back to me about blocking the trucks tonight, so I figured 
I should just go home and get a good night's sleep. Let's get the 
idea out there. Things'll happen.

If anyone can afford it, I spent around $40 on this (including 
transportation -- not bad, eh?), and I have zero (really!) funds to 
my name. So your help is appreciated.

Live long and prosper,


Mitchel Cohen
2652 Cropsey Avenue, #7H
Brooklyn, NY 11214

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