There's an interesting discussion on Mothering magazine's website 
about a new product, "Quit Nits," for getting rid of head lice 
without the use of synthetic and toxic pesticides.

Sounds a lot better than "Ovid", the much-touted malathion-based 
poison marketed for children!!!! (They have no shame, no ethics!)

But, does the fact that it contains no malathion or other synthetic 
pesticides make it safe?

Interestingly, the moms who've commented all question the statements 
from the manufacturer -- statements by the manufacturer that do not 
induce confidence, refering to the natural botanicals as 
"homeopathic," which they are clearly not.

Does anyone here knows these botanicals, and if they are safe to put 
on the scalps of 3-year-olds and leave it there for 4 hours as directed?

The plant-based ingredients in the product are:

- Quassia Amara
- Eucalyptus Globulus
- Staphysagria
- Sabadilla

which, according to the manufactuer, have a long history of use against lice.

I really like Mothering magazine -- it provided very helpful advice 
to me 20 years ago in raising my daughter -- and real people comment 
from their own experiences.

Unfortunately, they don't mention other products here, such as Lice'R 
Gone (manufactured by Safe Solutions), whose ingredients are:

purified water
anionic/nonionic surfactant blend
peppermint oil
sodium borate

Steve Tvedten's online book, The Best Control, provides much good 
information here:

Strangely, there are some Bayer products listed. Steve, what's up with that?

Here's the link to Mothering's page on Quit Nits:

Here are some of the comments:

how does it kill bugs without being a pesticide?  Perhaps a 
dictionary might be of some use here?

I used it on myself and on my 2 year old son last year.  A niece came 
back from summer camp and infested the rest of us.

Quit Nits worked for us.  One day we had lice, they next day they 
were gone.  You're supposed to leave product in the hair or at least 
4 hours - or better yet overnight if you're able to - and then wash 
off.  The downside is that, for an active 2 year old, 4 hours with a 
shower cap on (to keep hair moist) feels like forever.  But, I'd 
rather go through that discomfort than expose a young child to toxic 
pesticides, which have a 50-50 chance of working the first time out 
since bugs these days are resistant to common pesticides.

Hope this helps!

Thao Le
VP of Marketing for Hyland's, distributor Quit Nits

To clarify, the active ingredients in Quit Nits are natural botanical 
ingredients - not the synthetic or chemical pesticides found in 
leading head lice treatments.

The active ingredients in Quit Nits, including Quassia Amara, a 
plant, have been shown to kill lice and their eggs in both lab tests 
and clinical studies.
So what makes Quit Nits homeopathic?  Isn't the idea behind 
homeopathy that you treat a condition by using a substance that 
produces the same symptoms as the condition?  I don't see how this 
product fits in with that idea.
Yeah...homeopathic is not necessarily the same thing as "natural" or 
"herbal." Homeopathic means that in order to curb wheezing, you give 
a substance that causes wheezing.
Still waiting to hear from a mom who has used this product and says 
it works (no offense, but the VP of marketing for the product may not 
be the most objective reference, though it may well have worked for her...).
Hi Mothering Members!

I am a Mothering employee. I work with our Sponsors that support our 
community.  I just wanted to clarify that this product's ingredients 
are botanical ingredients. Hyland's is a maker of homeopathic 
remedies, but this is not a homeopathic remedy.

We are interested in getting your feedback, though!  It would be 
great to have the Mothering Community weigh in on their experience 
with Hyland's Quit Nits.

Reimbursement on Quit Nits For Reviews:

    * MotheringDotCommunity will reimburse the first 5 MDC members to 
post interest in this product and provide proof of purchase, in 
exchange for a review on Quit Nits.
    * You must be a member of MDC to participate.
    * New Members: New members can participate but must have at least 5 posts.
    * Mothering will reimburse the cost of the product only after you 
have provided a review of the product.
    * You must have a member in your household that is currently in 
need of this product.
    * If you are interested in trying this botanical product please 
post it in this thread.  I will contact you via PM to confirm.

Please feel free to use this 
<>coupon from 
Hyland's to make your purchase.  We look forward to hearing from our members!

<>This page makes it sound 
like they are calling this a homeopathic product.

And the message from Hyland's right in this thread says:

Its special formulation kills bugs and eggs by exposing them to 
plant-based, homeopathic ingredients.

What makes Quit Nits Kit and Spray so unique is its homeopathic 
formulation of natural ingredients.

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