I sent the following letter (below, and a much longer one, attached) 
to NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, regarding the ongoing 
pesticides spraying in Brooklyn and Queens.


Attached is a letter outlining some of the egregious errors the City 
is making with regard to the process by which they came to begin 
pesticides spraying in 2011, and some requests for intervention on 
the part of the Public Advocate.

I will send a follow-up email with all of the citations to documents 
I refer to in the above.

I am also cc-ing NY State Assemblyman William Colton, who had faxed a 
letter 2-1/2 weeks ago to the NYC Department of Health but who has 
received no reply whatsoever. That kind of treatment, alone, of the 
best Assemblyman in New York is incredibly arrogant and worthy of 

Thank you!

Mitchel Cohen
Coordinator, No Spray Coalition
(and, for the record, Chair of the WBAI (99.5 FM) Local Station Board*)

*for ID purposes only