At 11:31 AM 8/4/2011, Michael Balter wrote:
My point is that you are trying to convince people in New York City to put up with the mosquitos here and now with an argument that looks to the future and which may not even be applicable. The spraying is going on precisely because your coalition has failed to convince enough people of your argument. It's one thing to do a study in a swamp which is also near forest and lake land, which is a very different environmental area, and another to apply this logic to a metropolitan area where there are many fewer of the kinds of predators you are talking about (the study does not deal with that urban situation.)

Your strongest argument is the possible health effects on humans and animals. I'm not for the spraying, but you have to convince people. Thus it's unfortunate, as I said, that they chose to quote your weakest argument.

Yea, well, go to the concert with hundreds of others in Prospect Park tonight -- they're supposed to spray that entire area during the concert. You want to see convincing?

Also, you're making assumptions. In certain areas where we've done a lot of work, including Park Slope, most people oppose the spraying.

You sort of let the State off the hook, and blame people for not knowing enough. But it's the State that's taking these actions (to benefit their jobs, and secondarily, the contractors), not the average person.

But I don't have time to argue with you now; feel free to join in, give out flyers, block the trucks, and convince people!


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