Way off topic, except that it is about this country.

The People's Organization for Progress meeting tonight was astounding.  I
cannot craft a characterization that will give you a feel for it because it
is beyond my capacity.  What I can do is summarize it briefly.

The federal justice department is doing a formal investigation of the Newark
Police Department.  Apparently, the information driving the need for this
investigation developed over a number of years, but was sort of jump started
by the ACLU filing a complaint that including 400 individual complaints by
people.  Tonight about 5 federal investigations listened to people from
Newark tell various stories about police brutality of many types.  I would
say about 15 people testified publicly and another 15-20 gave 1:1 testimony
to individual lawyers.

These are horrible, depressing, stories of abuse, police misconduct and in
some cases murder.  One woman used to be a member of the Newark police dept
and had a story which I could not follow well.   I used to have a hard time
believing this type of testimony.  I don't any more.  If the lawyers needed
their ears filled, they got it.

By the way, the press was excluded from the meeting at the request of the

Damn I hope this works.  The Newark Police Dept needs reform from the bottom

This is not a good country in which to be black.