A PR creep named Dunbier was allowed to plug in the NZ Farmers Weekly his fantasies of GM-ryegrass.  I therefore challenged him, in the same organ, http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/8537a56b#/8537a56b/18
to a public debate on those fantasies.  The following msg to him is intended to give him some fair warning of what he's up against.  (It does carry some risk that he'll back out.)

        When Prof Patrick Brown, a card-carrying gene-jockey at UC Davis, first published his 'The Promise' (which I'd edited) in Aug 2000 <http://www.psrast.org/promplantbiot.htm> this notable essay was also posted on the website of the main New Zealand GM-propaganda agency "LifeŽ Sciences" <http://www.lifesciencenz.com/repository/external_news_material/promise_opponent.htm>
     I noticed that by 2003 it was no longer there.
  This would suggest that the GM trade does not wish to promulgate well-informed caution, humbly acknowledging how ignorant we are about the mechanisms of ordinary plant breeding.  That they did promulgate it awhile is interesting  - this was in the brief period, long gone now, when they were attempting some veneer of balance.
  This essay of Prof Brown, a genuine expert, remains one of the best, in no significant way superseded by the ensuing decade of gene-tampering & govt-tampering.
Many people find it difficult to believe that such junk science as Brown exposes could have been used to profit Monsanto & some other corporations.  Compared to the nuclear trade's con-tricks, this is bold, unprecedented, colossal deceit, the headiest victory of the depraved trade of mercenary deception (PR  -  early genius Goebbels).  It is indeed a ghastly prospect.  But to evade it on account it's unpleasant would be most unwise.  That is why I have challenged a prominent promotor of GM-fantasies to a public debate.