BBC reports the president of Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has asked the United Nations to send to Britain peace keeping forces to protect civilians attacked by the British police.  The commander of Baseeji (Mobilization) forces of Islamic Republic has offered to send some of its units as part of such peace keeping force.  The United Nations Security Council has a long history of authorizing  "peace keeping" forces to be sent to various countries around the world to protect civilians, etc. 

This propaganda campaign by the Islamic Republic of Iran has the merit of of showing how the shoe can be on the other foot. Sadly, large majority of the people of the Western nations, including some socialist minded currents/individuals, are so do used to the prevailing imperialist culture that they support imperialist intervention for various "humanitarian" or other reasons but will find a parallel position coming from governments of the South unimaginable.