Dr. Science and Michael Balter, 

Just to be even-handed, both of you seem to me to be over the line. There is no need that I can see for the "the left" as represented by this list to take a stand one way or the other on the events in Libya. They have nothing directly to do with science, and we will have no discernible impact in any stand we take.  So MB ought not to have brought up the whole issue nor to have led with his chin in doing so, in my view doing his best to start a fight. George, assuming that is George, could and should avoid ad hominem attacks. 

Please celebrate or mourn the developments in Libya however you wish to, or argue more complex positions all you want, but not on this list. And please don't come in all guns blazing, whatever the topic.

If you can demonstrate a relevance for this list, as far as science or technology being used or evoked in unusual ways, that is another thing. 


On Aug 21, 2011, at 9:08 PM, Michael Balter wrote:

> Some time ago George volunteered to take over from Michael Goldhaber as moderator. He even promised not to censor anyone, which I thought was encouraging. But I would hope his comments below disqualify him from that role, as he clearly does not have the evenhandedness that it would take to moderate a list such as this, with its diverse viewpoints. Indeed, pretty much George's only contribution to this list since his return has been to attack me personally.
> I do have to laugh out loud at George's criticisms of Michael G. for allegedly defending me, however. Michael G. has let dozens of personal attacks like this one go by without comment, but regularly steps in to chastise me if I express myself ironically or sarcastically.
> MB
> On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 12:38 AM, Dr. Science <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Oaxaca, Mexico, Sunday 21 August 2011
>      Dear Larry Romsted <[log in to unmask]>, Michael
> Balter's "position", of course, is what The New York Times tells him
> it "should be". Lefty, schmefty. In reality, a walking dead intellect.
> That doesn't bother me, but that he is a dedicated liar whenever he
> thinks it serves his purpose, and that his bullshit is welcomed by the
> list moderator -- that is troublesome. I know that Michael Goldhaber's
> tired of my saying again that Balter lied about me, and in his role as
> "moderator" he defended Balter.
>      "My own position, of course, is that we should support the
> rebels despite their shortcomings and despite the fact that NATO is
> supporting them" --Michael Balter
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