As I indicated privately to Larry yesterday, some people on this list seem
to have formed an obsession with Michael Balter. I wish they would get over
it and make their own contributions to this list. Larry, who not so long ago
posted nearly always only to criticize me, has been getting a little better
lately and occasionally posts original material for discussion.

George, since he has been back on the list, has posted only on the subject
of Michael Balter, unless I am forgetting something (if I have forgotten, it
should not be construed as a lie, but simply a lapse in memory.) He, too,
seems to have an obsession, which goes back to his earlier time as moderator
when he temporarily kicked me off the list for my political statements
(which led to a walkout by several list members.)

Unfortunately, that leaves only a small number of list members who actually
keep this list going by posting material of relevant interest. They include
myself, Robert, Sam, Mitchel, occasionally Michael G. and Larry, and no more
than a few others. Then there are list members who usually only respond to
others' posts or participate in discussions once they have started; these
include usually very interesting comments from Claudia, Mandi, Herb, and a
few others.

I am proud of my role on this list, and of the fact that I initiate a
significant percentage of the discussions that take place here; but

There are supposed to be about 100 members of this list, but only about 10%
of them make their views known or participate actively. That is unfortunate,
and leads to a domination of the list by a small number of people.

Some people here, like George and Larry, think that I am some sort of a
problem for this list and seem never to tire of talking about Michael
Balter. But I am just one person, and I can be ignored, deleted, or spam
filtered if people don't like what I say and feel that they can't tolerate
being exposed to my comments and thoughts. What would be great is if more
people participated on this list, posted their own materials, and engaged in
discussions. That might help the small number of obsessives on this list get
over their fixation with Michael Balter.


PS--I hate to have to predict it, but very likely at least one person will
respond to this message by wanting to talk about Michael Balter again.
Nevertheless I hope that some lurking list members will respond by
participating more actively in providing interesting posts.

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 8:06 AM, Dr. Science <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>      Michael Balter wrote, on Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 10:08 PM, "Some
> time ago George volunteered to take over from Michael Goldhaber as
> moderator. He even promised not to censor anyone, which I thought was
> encouraging. But I would hope his comments below disqualify him from
> that role, as he clearly does not have the evenhandedness that it
> would take to moderate a list such as this, with its diverse
> viewpoints. Indeed, pretty much George's only contribution to this
> list since his return has been to attack me personally.
>      "I do have to laugh out loud at George's criticisms of Michael
> G. for allegedly defending me, however. Michael G. has let dozens of
> personal attacks like this one go by without comment, but regularly
> steps in to chastise me if I express myself ironically or
> sarcastically."
>      For Mr. Balter's peace of mind, or rather what passes for his
> "mind", I have neither any desire nor intent to try to censor the
> rubbish he appears compelled to post here. Each person is free, thanks
> to the wonderful efforts of the WikiLeaks folks, to make an ass of
> himself, as Michael Balter makes evident. The world is heavily
> populated with people whose ignorance is cultivated by the (largely
> Zionist aligned and owned "American Free Press"). I do not detest
> people for being ignorant. I only wish they were better informed about
> the actual world in which they (and all of us) are forced to live.
> There is but one reason why I detest Michael Balter: He lied in
> attributing to me a statement I never made and he refused to make any
> correction. My passion is for a world of mutual trust, for which we
> must learn to say only what we believe is true. I simply do not accept
> Balter's (or anyone's) "right to lie".
>      I readily acknowledge my vast ignorance and am glad to make
> corrections and apologies whenever my errors are pointed out to me. I
> also acknowledge that the privileged and hubris-ridden American Jews,
> who largely populate my ethnic roots, give me one pain in the ass.
> They are no more nor less detestable than any other privileged and
> hubris-ridden ethnic group. They have probably not experienced the
> beauty of the humble unprivileged indigenous peoples whose Oaxaca
> could serve as a model for the world. Sincerely --George

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“Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is
no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof."
                                                  --John Kenneth Galbraith