Bravo! That's a fun trip that I haven't done since my college days.

We actually came fairly close to crossing paths with you this week. That 
would have been pretty funny. We've spent the past two weeks in Newcomb, 
about 1/2 hour from Upper Works, and just returned to 
Internet-accessible civilization this evening. On Tuesday we 
contemplated hiking in from Upper Works, but instead we chose to tackle 
Seymour from the north, so we instead headed for the Corey's trailhead 
(which is the northern approach to Duck Hole). Then on Thursday we did 
hike in from Upper Works as we did the long, muddy, but beautiful trek 
in to Redfield and Cliff.

I'll be posting complete reports on all of our Adirondack adventures, 
but for now, thanks for the report!

Dave G.

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