Two pictures of the fortunately pretty mild hurricane/tropical storm, both taken 
approximately at high tide today.  Lots of power out and trees down all around.  
For the most part, the usual places flooded a bit more than usual, but atleast 
not the widespread submerging predicted.

First Pic is of the Great South Bay, the body of water between southern Long 
Island and the barrier beachs of Fire Island/Jones Beach.  In the foreground the 
grass is the usually high tide, moon high tide mark.  This is a beach/swimming 
area.  The boat in the background is usually 3 feet or so above high tide, and 
the houses bulkheads have 4 feet or so of bulkhead visible.

The second picture is a more close up picture of the bulkheads, in a protected 
lagoon about 400 feet from the previous picture.  Again at a moon high tide, 
there would be atleast 4 feet of bulkhead above the tide line.  Also the ramps 
to the docks generally don't point up.

I didn't take these pics, but am permissible in posting them.  Sorry I couldn't 
embed them.

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