Ben K too!

BTW, a high school friend living locally, with whom I recently became re-acquaited,  attempted Katahdin last weekend.  He, like me, is 70 and could probably stand to lose 25 lbs., and trained by climbing an 1100 ft. vertical rise peak in suburban MD's Catoctin Mtns. 4 times in one day.  He figured that once he could do that in one day, he would be ready.  Here is an excerpt from his report, "On Wednesday, a spectacularly clear day in a week that was otherwise rain, I ascended the Hunt (Appalachian) "Trail" to the shoulder of Katahdin, but turned around a half mile short of Baxter Peak.  I had run out of time (I wanted to get off the mountain before dark) and energy.  In six hours of exertion I got 90% of the way (I estimate I climbed 3900 ft.) but never realized the summit.
         There is much, much more to say, but not in this note now.  There was nobody else on the trail of our generation, and I received encouragement from several of the youngster passing me by.  Nothing in Maryland could have prepared me for what I encountered on Katahdin."   Katahdin is a big mountain.  I did it in ~ 1965 and it was tough even then. 
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