I'm guessing you've connected recently to which means 
you're running the 3.x version, right?  Just want to make sure.

Also, send along a "netstat -nr" while you're connected, and then after 
you disconnect.  That will hopefully give some clues.  Feel free to send 
them to Lynne and I directly.


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On 9/13/2011 8:24 AM, Wesley Alan Wright wrote:
> OK, so I understand that when I use the Cisco AnyWhatzit VPN client (latest) at home, access to my home LAN is disabled.
> But how come when I disconnect and quit the client, iTunes won't let me attach to my AirPort Express or AppleTV to stream music to the home sound system? I can see the devices as Speaker choices, but clicking on the select checkbox does not yield a check.
> I've looked for suspicious processes in Activity Monitor, and searched for loaded Cisco kexts, to no avail. So far only solution is reboot, an anathema for a unix based OS.
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