Fascinating "features", these folder customizations!

I had very limited, initial success copying one of my folders of mainly 
image files after changing it to "optimized for documents", but the slow 
performance persists.  Maybe I'm getting fooled by Windows Explorer's 
progress reporting, but it appears that copying one of these folders 
speeds along (at ~100 KB/sec) until half or two-thirds of the files are 
copied, at which point the operation drops to a snail's pace.... even 
after making the suggested permissions changes to 

This morning's trial:  893 files (1.6 MB), half of which was done in 
less than 30 seconds.  The copy did not complete until almost 10 minutes 
later.  If I instead use WinSCP, the folder copying is done in about 10 
seconds.  So there's still some amount of extra Windows operations (I 
presume) going on when I use Windows Explorer.  Not a show-stopper as 
there's WinSCP available, but disappointing nonetheless.


On 9/13/2011 3:12 PM, Jonathan L. Trigaux wrote:
> I have seen the slow-folder-opening, "green thermometer" issue and 
> solved it via this method:
> For whatever reason, I find Windows 7 defaults to some odd choices for 
> its optimization selection.  A "Downloads" folder full of executables 
> and zip files optimized for... Photos?  Whatever.
> -JLT
> On Tue, 13 Sep 2011, Ernie Buford wrote:
>> I kind of expected slower performance with such a large number of 
>> files, but some of the poor performance is just opening a folder to 
>> view contents.
>> When copying these folders, it often starts at 100+ KB/sec but then 
>> quickly drops to a crawl or even a standstill before eventually 
>> finishing.
>> So maybe 2 different issues here, but I'm seeing a lot more of that 
>> green thermometer and spinning blue circle with frequent "Not 
>> Responding" pronouncements on title bar of various applications.
>> Oh right, I was going to go for a walk....
>> EB
>> On 9/13/2011 2:53 PM, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne wrote:
>>> I've always found this to be the case when working with 
>>> hundreds/thousands
>>> of small files on Zoo.
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>>> Hi,
>>> I had hoped to get out for a walk before any thunderstorms, and I 
>>> think I'll
>>> do that now because any copying/moving/deleting of files on zoo is 
>>> taking a
>>> long, long time.  Is it just me?
>>> I'm testing on 2 workstations, one of which is straight off the 
>>> truck from
>>> Dell (I think I installed Office and putty, but that's about all).
>>> I am working with a couple of folders containing several thousand small
>>> image files amounting to 1 to 3 MB total.  Trying to copy to \\zoofiles
>>> (both public_html share and my home share) takes awhile.  Even deleting
>>> takes several minutes.  Windows Explorer is currently stuck 
>>> "calculating"
>>> how long it is going to take to delete one of these folders.
>>> But nevermind copy/move/delete, it took about 2 minutes before I 
>>> could even
>>> view the contents of one folder in my home directory.  Part of this 
>>> might
>>> possibly be Forefront doing some laborious virus scanning like
>>> NOD32 used to do?  I'm spending a lot of time watching green "progress"
>>> bars drift slowly across the top of Windows Explorer these days.
>>> I've been talking with SAA about this but thought I would see if 
>>> anyone else
>>> is experiencing the same sort of difficulty.
>>> Ernie