I have a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard, that came from the Depot with 
PGP on it. I downloaded Lion, and started the install, but got a message 
that "Some features of Mac OS X Lion are not supported for the disk". 
The More Info page advises:

This message means the installer cannot create the Recovery HD partition 
on your hard disk (which it says is needed  to access on-disk recovery 
tools, restore from Time Machine backups, reinstall Lion over the 
internet, or set a firmware password).

It also says that this message usually appears in one of two scenarios:

- The disk you are installing Lion on is a RAID volume, or
- The disk has a non-standard Boot Camp partition setup [...]

Methinks this is related to PGP.

Question: Is it safe to continue with the install, or am I going to 
brick my machine? Do I need to uninstall PGP first (and then put it back 

Helen Read
Senior Lecturer
Dept. of Mathematics&  Statistics
University of Vermont