Hi Naima -

I have also been assisting a couple users with the same problem in 
Thunderbirs version 6 (can't create sub-folders like you used to in TB - 
older versions).

I've gotten it to work, but rather wary of this solution:

We were told in the past (Client Svcs. colleages) to be sure the first 2 
check-boxes under the Advanced server settings were NOT checked
([1] Show only subscribed folders, and, [2] Server supports folders that 
contain sub-folders and messages), and this has worked for using 
folders/sub-folders up until now.

My co-worker and I tested by checking that 2nd box, and then I was able 
to create a new folder (to contain only folders), and then created a 
sub-folder within. I closed and re-launched TB and I could see both.  I 
then turned off that setting, closed and re-launched again, and then was 
NOT able to create another sub-folder (but this method works for now).

I am able to create a new folder with a sub-folder in Webmail and it 
shows up fine in TB. I use both TB and Webmail at home and have not had
issues with finding my stored messages.

Not sure if that's entirely helpful but you could try it.  I looked on 
Mozilla's site and did other searches, and I also contacted the Helpline 
last week but wasn't able to glean much else.  These are some tips the 
Helpline gave me:

1) Click the "View" tab, then click "Folders," and make sure that "All" 
is selected.
2) Reinstall Thunderbird. You can do this by uninstalling and then 
reinstalling following the directions at this website:
and clicking first on the instructions for uninstalling, then on the 
instructions for reinstalling. As the website says, you will not lose 
your data, as the data is stored in the profile folder stored at a 
separate location.   If you try both of these things and you are still 
not satisfied, you can try contacting Mozilla at their website.


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On 9/7/2011 12:44 PM, Naima T. Dennis wrote:
> We've been experiencing some erratic behavior from Thuderbird when 
> attempting to create subfolders.   We create a folder that holds 
> "Folders Only" properly but when attempting to create the subfolders 
> the "New Folder" option is not always available. You can create one 
> new subfolder and then the "New Folder" option is not available for 
> subsequent folder creation.   When restarting Thunderbird the option 
> is available again but you can use it only once.  The only way to get 
> it to work properly is to start Thunderbird in Safe Mode and have all 
> Add Ons disabled.
> If you are clicking on the main account>New Folder>Create as a 
> subfolder of:  you cannot select "choose this for the parent" for any 
> subfolder.
> This sounds crazy but I was able to reproduce this on another machine 
> and have had reports of the same behavior from other parts of the office.
> Anyone have any insight?
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