I think it is now time for leftists to increase our participation in 
the following way in OWS.

Many young folks are starting to latch on to demands about income 
polarization and taxation, which is OK but which misses the point. 
They're doing that because that (and demands over the FED) are the 
only economic point of substance, and it's being drilled at us by the 
Democrats and others, not necessarily because they want to do so or 
believe in it.

Our job is to reframe that issue so that it becomes one of ownership 
and control of wealth and property. If done right, this should be an 
easy transition, because the polarization is far far greater than it 
is even with income. Besides, most wealthy people do not make most of 
their funds via income, but through capital gains, stocks, ownership 
and control of production, etc. An increased income tax thus will not 
really address the inequities.

We need to do a common NON-PREACHY flyer at OWS throughout the 
country. That's one way of radicalizing the politics without coming 
across as parasites, and also holding off the MoveOn's and the Dems.

Can you send me any good statistics, graphs, charts, etc. on the 
ownership and control of wealth in the U.S.? All I've seen thus far 
has to do with income, which is not what I'm looking for. I will turn 
it into flyers to distribute, maybe make a giant poster, etc.

I'll also include it in my newly revised "What Is Direct Action?"; 
I'd like to give out 400 pamphlets for free to those staying in 
Liberty Park and shortly in Washington Sq. Park, in addition to 
thousands of flyers. I'll need around $1,000 up front to do that 
($2.25 cost per pamphlet), so if you think that project is worth it 
and have funds to spare, please mail or paypal me whatever you can.

And let me know, please, if you think this "reframing" of the issue 
in a less co-optable and more class-conscious manner meets with your 
approval, and if you'd be able to participate in developing the 
graphs and writing and handing out the flyers.

Thank you!


Mitchel Cohen
2652 Cropsey Avenue, #7H
Brooklyn, NY 11214

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