Once again, crotchety old men, so out of touch with what's happening in the world, and so bitter that the world didn't listen to their wisdom, that they have already written their own epitaph: "Irrelevance."


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When Marx returned to London from a vacation in Germany during which some aristocratic friends had wined and dined him, someone asked him: That kind of entertainment wouldn't be available under socialsm. Marx replied,I'll be dead by then.

The cave paintings of southern France (which include poor ones, sort of scribbles, at the lower parts of the walls, indicating youthful practice)  seem to reflect a certain joy in being alive, and yet those poor  saps didn't have MacBooks. What foolishness to measure a set of human relations by the gimcracks they produce. I got through grad school using a Royal portable, that skidded all over the desk when one typed. How come capitalism hadn't provided me with a computer. It's sort of entertaining to come across these scraps of Michael B's ranting when others quote him. I wonder if socialism will ever produce that kind of entertainment. Probably.


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Could socialism have produced the MacBook? I hope so.


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