Every Thanksgiving week there is an intensive training program in Europe 
for worlds style/WUDC/BP debating. It takes place in Slovenia, but it 
has leading figures from around the world of debate acting as 
instructors. It has had incredible results, helping teams break at 
worlds itself by giving them an extra edge. I routinely send some of my 
medium-experienced debaters there and they benefit amazingly. Last year 
the team came home and won three tournaments. The year before that the 
team went on to the main break at worlds in Africa.

It is also highly useful for a coach looking for super pointers on how 
to train in this format.

Last year there were over 100 attendees. It has five intensive workshop 
days and then a major tournament, last year 60 teams.

Now, I bet you are thinking it costs too much. Well, it isn't cheap, but 

  * I bought round trip tickets to Venice (just a short train ride from
    there to the site) for $750 each.
  * The event itself costs 300 Euros, but includes 4-star housing, all
    meals, tuition, supplies and local transportation.
  * It gets huge results.

Find out more at

Oh yeah, and it takes place in the absolutely beautiful Julian Alps.

Feel free to ask me questions. Or email [log in to unmask] with 

If you have been there and have a comment, please feel free to join in.


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