How does this butterfly fly? I once saw a Bahamian Swallowtail on New Providence Island (Nassau), Bahamas...almost entirely without one HW and entirely without the other - an apparent bird attack...and the specimen was FLYING from one blossom to another...not very well, mind you, but still flying...
We frequently see Buckeyes missing major parts of the HW (or also FW) from bird attacks on the eyespots - and they certainly fly...A butterfly needs a surprisingly low percentage of its wing surface to still be able to fly...

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Isn't it a Black swallowtail? I suppose it could be Spicebush, but I think Black.
Wow, how does this butterfly fly?

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Here is a picture I took on 9-3-11 of a very bedragled butterfly.  I keep looking at it and think I should know what it is but now I am stumped.  Does anyone out there have an ID for this poor guy?

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