At 05:20 AM 10/20/2011, Greg Petrics wrote:

>Is this wise to post in public?
>On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:43 AM, Jumpin Jimmy <> wrote:
>the dirtbag trick I am going to miss was the stowe single ride 
>ticket. Until this new pass
>technology, the single ride ticket was identical to a day ticket, 
>excepting a small line of
>print at he bottom saying "single ride". Getting them to give it to 
>you can be tricky, but
>once in your cheapo ramen noodle smelling hands, it was gold.
>Since lifties checking passes never once looked closely enough to 
>spot the difference, we
>have ridden up and skied down over and over and over and over until 
>either it was taken
>(still got a ride up, as it is valid until gone) or we got tired and 
>went home.

With the new RFID readers and electronic ticket this year, it no 
longer matters. The computers cannot be fooled this way. Lifties will 
not be reading the ticket. The ticket doesn't even need to be exposed 
- it resides safely inside a pocket.

Same with any of the season pass scams. Assuming the same technology 
as that used at Alta and Solitude, they have the option of having 
your pass picture display on a handheld device when you pass through 
the gate, so a liftie can double check for someone trying to use 
their buddies's pass. In fact at Solitude, the lifties are given a 
$25 bounty for each person they catch attempting this. You also 
cannot pass through the gates and then toss your pass back to your 
buddy who hasn't gone through yet - the computer knows that there 
wasn't enough time elapsed before the second read, so it will deny access.


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