I have a DROID X and I've never used an iphone.
Google is creepy.
Nevertheless, the DROID is brilliant.  Speech recognition for web search and gps is shockingly accurate.  Google goggles is great.  A lot of apps are useful and friendly.  Verizon has great coverage and service.
Buy one.

John Bonin
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On Oct 15, 2011 12:24 PM, "Skip King" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
This gang is among the smarter online communities in which I participate (if singularly misguided), so I thought I'd toss this question to the floor.

The battery in my 2-year old Crackberry Storm is well on its way to uselessness, and rather than a re-power on a unit with which I'm not wildly impressed anyway, the time is ripe for a change.

The question is iPhone or Android.  I'm currently a Verizon customer and am likely to remain so (though will comparison shop between Verizon and ATT to see how much they want me) for the simple reason that my travels are more often to put me in a good Verizon coverage zone than a good ATT one.

So the question is really platform.  Any input on the advantages/disadvantages between the two - particularly if you've used both - would be appreciated.  I'm a bit more hesitant to go Android for the simple reason that I think Google knows way too much about us all anyway (recognizing that's a bit naive).

Key items for consideration:
- Either phone has to be able to easily transfer old calendars and contact information. I don't use Outlook on my computer but that's what Blackberry recognizes, so the new phone needs to be able to work with it.  Ideally, anyway.

- Phone usage is primarily as a phone and for email, with occasional web browsing.  Speed on the latter would be a real advantage.  As far as the Web is concerned, it takes a Crackberry two months to die suddenly.

- Media stuff really isn't a consideration - I have a separate iPod and don't see cluttering the new unit with music.

- Don't use many apps, although might be more likely to with new gadget.

Any thoughts appreciated!

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