FYI.  Work days coming up.  See below.
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All, There is a lot to discuss about the upcoming winter and the Snow Ranger Program, but I'll keep it simple and talk about the pressing need for Bridge repair and get to everything else in future emails.  Irene effected numerous bridges in the Cutler River Drainage that will not allow Snowcat travel, and in one instance pedestrian load will even be a problem.  The most effected is the 1st and 3rd bridge on the Tuck Trail and the worst is the bridge from Hermit Lake over to the Sherburne ski trail.  The Sherburne crossing will take the most amount of work, but if not remedied it will not likely last the winter as snow load alone will probably send it into the river.  The Ski trail cut off from the Hermit Lake side would be very problematic for skiers through the Winter and especially during spring skiing when water will be high and streams full.  In addition to this bridge the 1st bridge on the Tuck trail near Pinkham is the other priority.  Abutment work on the Pinkham side is required for safe travel to use the Snowcat, which brings rescuers up the mountain during incidents, brings out hurt mountain travelers, hauls supplies like propane to keep Hermit Lake and the Harvard cabin operational, maintains snow roads to allow quick response and timely avalanche forecasts, etc.  Also the First aid cache at the bottom of Hillman's collapsed it's elevated stand during the storm so we'll need to rebuild this as well or it will slide off its base before very long. 
So the dates,
Saturday the 22nd will focus on the Cache and any bridge prep/planning and is already the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine scheduled Trail day. 
The main days will be Sunday 10/23 and Saturday 10/29.  Please bring the appropriate clothing for early winter (Mountains are white this morning), food, water,  sturdy boots, leather gloves, some blaze orange to wear, and eye protection.  We will have helmets and eye protection if the work you are doing makes them necessary.  We'll meet each morning at 8:00am at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center.  Once at Pinkham travel to the north end of the lot to the Forest Service garage, we'll be there waiting with open arms.
Please let us know if you are coming ([log in to unmask], [log in to unmask], [log in to unmask]), but of course last minute "I guess I'll go" is welcome too.  I will be flying back from a work trip on Saturday the 22nd, but will see you the 23rd and 29th!  Thanks so much for your support and PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES.  Chris
Christopher  P. Joosen
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