Steve - my dissertation is on quality of justifications so I'd be happy to submit something on that - when is the deadline?


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I would be interested in submitting something about chairing an adjudication panel. 


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Hi Steve,

I would definitely be interested in submitting something, most likely on cross cultural considerations in adjudication. What is your deadline? And, are you isolating  this to WUDC adjudication?


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Greetings Colleagues:


I am co-editing a book with Nick Bibby and Sam Block on the art of adjudication. We seek people who wish to contribute an essay on this topic to be included in the book. It will be published by IDEA press. 


Please send me a short message, not necessarily a formal abstract, and let me know if you would like to be included. We are soliciting any and all ideas related to the topic of adjudication. If you have a formal abstract and title, then rock on. Send it. 


Please forward this message to anyone you know who might be interested who is not a member of this list.


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