Sept. 1 was the date I saw 4 Sandhill Cranes at Bristol Pond.  I think
someone else saw 4 there since then.
Barbara Brosnan

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Hello VTBirders,

     I was curious about the latest date anyone might've had the four
Bristol Pd. Sandhill Cranes this year (last post I see on the listserve is
Ken Cox's on 11/11, when there were at least two still there)?

     I am curious about this because Dave Gagne, our Hawk Counter at
Chestnut Ridge Hawkwatch in Bedford, NY, saw four Sandhill Cranes fly by the
hawkwatch this afternoon.  While there are certainly more and more Sandhill
Cranes in the Northeast these days, there still aren't all that many, and I
started wondering about the recent whereabouts of the VT birds.

Thanks for any reports, and good birding,


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