Greetings, VTBIRDers:

The November edition of my micro-newsletter, Field Notes, is hot off the 
e-presses. This issue features Ten Tips for Winter Birdwatchers, 
butterflies in winter and some odd poplar leaves now on a forest floor 
near you. I've got a few birding trips to offer in the mix as well. 
Here's a link:*

*On another note, I'm planning a lecture series called Better Birding. 
Each month starting in January, I'll cover essentials for beginning and 
advancing birders. The series is still a work in progress; I'm 
tinkering. So I'd welcome your suggestions (directly to me at 
[log in to unmask] -- and not via VTBIRD, please). Here's a 
sneak preview of the "course list:"


Bryan Pfeiffer
Bryan Pfeiffer