On this gorgeous day (again! – in November!), I snuck an hour from  
work to take a walk at Colchester Pond. No Ruddy Ducks, but great  
views of Hooded Mergansers and others:

23 Canada Geese

1 Mallard

I Common Merganser

11 Hooded Mergansers – This is the largest group of this species I’ve  
ever seen. I ran into the man who manages the park and he said  
they’ve been around for almost two weeks. (He hasn’t seen any Ruddy  
Ducks at all this fall, but he doesn’t have a scope.)

1 Great Blue Heron

1 Common Raven

2 American Crow

2 (maybe more) 3 American Robin

4 Ring-billed Gull

1 Blue Jay

6 American Goldfinch

Maeve Kim

Jericho Center