">check out how wide they are going with the waxless skis
>I think I may need a new pair of touring skis, though I do still love the
>Fischer S-bounds. Would love to hear if anyone has tried the Rosi Positrack

Thus is exactly what I'm looking at, when I next have room in the ski budget. 
Anyone have a thought about how they would tour with tech bindings and F1s?"

I bought a pair of BC125s last spring when REI had them for $199. With my
bonus it was <175. Mounted them w. Switchbacks and will bring them to the
annual WaWa T-day morning ski. Anyone who wants to try some turns on them is
welcome. I haven't skied them yet. I liked my old Boundless a lot, still do
but sometimes a deal makes the money burn a hole in my pocket. I'm also a big
believer in fatter is better and turnier is nice too. Fischer's negative scale
pattern does not climb well so I usually use skinny skins with them. I think
Rossi's pattern is a better climber but will still carry the skins. I have
a pair of Rossi EVO XC positrack skis that climb better than Fischers.

Putting Tech bindings on a scaled ski is an interesting idea. Purists will blanche
but it's been done. One of the Seattle Turns all year (TAY.com) guys does it and
loves it. Andy (something). He is a writer who has appeared in Couloir,
Backcountry etc.

Whatever scaled skis you get be sure to wax them full length, scales & all.
Remove the excess wax from the scales with a rag or bristle brush using side to
side strokes while the wax is still molten. Scrape and buff. It will last all
season since you are not putting in high mileage on abrasive snowgun snow.
If you don't wax the scales you are doomed to ice-up misery.

PS If the budget can afford Tech bindings and F1 boots, what's a pair of BC125s?
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