Hi all,

I was just asked by my director to find out what other libraries (hospital libraries, in particular) do when articles are requested that you may be able to get for free, but have to pay copyright fees to Copyright Clearance Center, for example.  Do you ever collect for these fees from your patron?  If so, how do you handle that?

Along the same lines, if you could address - do you ever pass along fees to physicians that are charged by lending libraries (say, $9 from NLM).

We currently do not charge physicians for articles, even if we have to pay for them. Nor, have we charge them for the copyright fees.  It's in our budget.   But, the copyright fees are getting more and more costly, which is prompting this question.

We charge nurses, allied health, etc. if there is a fee to obtain the article and they must pre-authorize it and we bill to their cost center.  We have no way to collect fees from individuals.  So, I was wondering how others handle this.

Thank you for your time and info!


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