This is just one of many ways carriers/3rd parties can take a look at  
what you do on your smartphone. It's best to assume that someone is  
looking over your shoulder all the time on your phone, even over SSL.

*removes tinfoil hat*

Over at the verge, they went over and interviewed the CEO @ carrier IQ  
(A. Coward....really, that's his name) and it doesn't sound like it's  
that much worse (if at all) than the stuff your carrier can already do  
once the data is in their network.

read it and draw your own conclusions:

Also, if you do have an android phone, you should be running cyanogen  
anyway...its lovely.


Quoting "Gary W. Johnson" <[log in to unmask]>:

> Howdy h4x0rs,
> In case you guys didn't get the word, apparently our cellphones are
> sending all of our keystrokes (including our text messages, phone
> numbers dialed, web searches, etc) to some spooky company called
> CarrierIQ. A phone hacker recently figured this out and made a video
> demonstrating the spying in action. Check it out:
>   ~Gary
> P.S. If you've rooted your phone and replaced the vendor OS with
>      something like CyanogenMod, then the spying software is removed
>      from your phone. Otherwise, consider yourself 1984ed. :(
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