Good Morning, All,

We regret the network disruption experienced by parts of the UVM campus 
on Wednesday, 21 December, between about 10:45 am and 3:30 pm.  The 
disruption was caused by a new network switch that had gone into 
operation in Aiken just two weeks ago.  Because of its unusual 
configuration, designed to improve service to RSENR, it failed in a way 
that advertised conflicting information to other network devices on 
campus and left those devices in a confused state, unable to provide 
network connections.  And changes we made to identify the problem caused 
the disruptions to migrate around campus, which made it more difficult 
to locate.

     Campus network service has been restored and appears to be 
operating normally.  There may be lingering problems today, Thursday, as 
we identify and reset devices confused by the failure yesterday.  Please 
report any problems to 656-8888 or [log in to unmask] .

     We're working with the manufacturer to redesign around this network 
component to prevent this type of unusual failure from causing campus 
service disruptions in the future.

David Todd